Women in Forensic Computing 2023

Women in Forensic Computing Workshop and Bootcamp
held in in cooperation with DFRWS EU 2023 in Bonn, Germany on March 20, 2023


Digital forensic science is the application of scientific methods of computing in order to recover and investigate evidence found in digital devices, often in relation to computer crime. Digital evidence is increasingly important in almost all types of juridical proceedings, mainly due to the increasing volume and quality of digital evidence.

The objective of this workshop is to increase the interest of students and academically young researchers in digital forensic science as a career field or a research field. Another aim of this workshop is to increase awareness and appreciation of the achievements of women in the area of forensic computing/digital forensics and therefore this workshop wishes to be a forum to help women build their technical confidence and thereby attract more female researchers to the field. This workshop is aimed to introduce new people to the area. Talks will be technical but are aimed at novices in the area. The workshop is part of a workshop series that started in 2019.

The workshop will include a sequence of presentations by women that introduce some fundamental and current topics of the field and allow for first-hand hands-on experience. Attendees may also present own work in short presentations.


Participation in the workshop is limited but it is free of charge and open to both male and female participants.

To participate, send a one-page letter describing your current affiliation, your research interests, why the workshop is interesting to you and whether you wish to participate in-person or online via email to <women-in-forensic-computing@lists.informatik.uni-erlangen.de> by February 6, 2023. Applications after that date are also possible but will be handled on a first-come first-serve basis. Please also consider to submit a presentation proposal and apply for a travel scholarship.

Participant Presentations

Participants of the workshop also have the opportunity to apply for a slot to present their current research or insights into the profession in the field of digital forensics in a 5-10-minute talk at the workshop. If you are interested, please send the title and an abstract of the presentation proposal together with the registration (see above) by February 6, 2023. There will be a lightweight selection process on presentations by the organizing committee. Presentations can be delivered on-site or online. Presentations should include one slide to motivate why digital forensics is an interesting field.

Travel Scholarship

We also offer several scholarships (sponsored by FAU) for female students who wish to participate in the workshop: The scholarship will cover part of your travel costs and the attendance fee for the DFRWS EU 2023 conference. For applicants from Europe, we support travel costs up to 500 EUR. For applicants from outside Europe, please give an estimate for the expected travel costs in your registration (see above) by February 6, 2023.

Travel scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis, so if you need more than 6 weeks to organize your travel you can also apply earlier than February 6, 2023.

Preliminary Programme

Monday, March 20, 2023

9:30 Arrival and coffee

9:45 Welcome by the organizers

10:00 Invited talk 1: Margarita Louca (Europol)

10:45 Invited talk 2: Antje Raab-Düsterhöft (Wismar University of Applied Sciences, Germany): Introduction into Database Forensics – Issues to be solved

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Participant presentations

13:00 Lunch break

14:00 Invited talk 3: Mariya Shafat (University of Kashmir, India)

14:45 Invited talk 4: Amber Schroader (Paraben Corporation), online presentation

15:35 Coffee break

16:00 Hands-on session

18:00 Workshop ends

19:00 Social event in downtown Bonn

Organizing Committee

The workshop is jointly organized by the following people:

  • Felix Freiling, FAU, Germany
  • Katerina Kanta, UCD, Ireland
  • Yasin Köse, FAU, Germany
  • Daryl Pfeif
  • Svenja Mischur, intersoft consulting services AG, Hamburg, Germany
  • Mamoqenelo Morolong, Botho University – Maseru Campus and Namibia University of Science and Technology
  • Theresa Müller
  • Maike Raphael
  • Sophia Seubert
  • Mariya Shafat, University of Kashmir, India
  • Radina Stoykova
  • Lena Voigt, FAU, Germany

Artwork and T-Shirt

Feel free to use the workshop logo in any way that spreads the word about this workshop.

You may also visit the workshop webshop to order the official workshop t-shirt and other merchandise.


Contact the organizers via email at <women-in-forensic-computing@lists.cs.fau.de>


This workshop series is supported by the office of Gender and Diversity of Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) and by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) as part of the Research and Training Group 2475 „Cybercrime and Forensic Computing“ (grant number 393541319/GRK2475/1-2019).